Ian Shepherd Photography.

ian.shepherd@gmail.com - 808.283.5975

As a general rule, you can expect about 50 images per hour of coverage in booking me. I work on a purely digital delivery, edited and unedited shots provided via download. Full print rights granted for anything and everything you want to do with them. You can order through me, but you're absolutely welcome to go to a local shop. If by chance you need help with anything outside of shooting, I'd be more than happy to try to accommodate.

What else do I get? Booking with me gets you, basically, me. You can call me at anytime, anyplace. If I'm not shooting or on the phone with another client, I'm all ears. We can discuss anything you'd like, from locations, vendors, shot ideas, dresses, shoes, anything. The fact that your stepfather hates your mother, whatever. Anything you need, I'm here for. I'd prefer if 3 AM conversations were kept to emergencies, but I understand either way. ;) 

I'm not a wedding coordinator, and I won't be coordinating your wedding. That's just not what I do. If you have questions about who you think is worthwhile, or what my experiences are with certain companies or individuals, I'm more than happy to divulge. I've been doing this since 2005, so I'm pretty well acquainted with the business, the people on Maui who are in it, the beaches and locations, and pretty much everything about it.
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