Ian Shepherd Photography.

Hey, I'm Ian. =)

I'm a photographer on Maui, but I'm originally from California.Relocated here in 2001, and started shooting seriously in 2005. After being the top booked shooter for the largest studio in the state of Hawai'i for several years, I broke away and opened my own business, the one you're perusing at this very moment.

The real aspects of photography which initially piqued my interests were rooted in thumbing through a College Zoology book when I was about four years old. Becoming exposed to nature and aspects of the world around us in a different frame of mind and view. Parts of the world, animals, all sorts of details that I'd never imagined or heard of in the pages of a National Geographic.

It wasn't until a year or so into shooting that I really started to take a step back and realize I was encountering the same sort of aspects in people that initially ignited that sense of wonder and love I had as a kid. Learning and laughing with people, couples, on one of the most important days of their lives. Different individuals from different walks of life and cultures, upbringings and relationships, countries and thoughts I'd never encountered. People who would become more than just clients, who would become friends.

To me, wedding photography isn't just about photography. Photography and the details thereof are in the background of my mind when I'm shooting. The sort of things I'm barely paying attention to when dealing with people. Amazing images are the aim in any situation when you hire a photographer. That's a given. But you take on a unique challenge when you don on the mantle of "Wedding Photographer." You're alluding to, or outright claiming you can get to know, understand, and work with anyone who hires you. And do it in an amazingly short amount of time. At all times readily available as a counselor, psychiatrist, comedian, and an artist.

When I'd laid down the foundations of my skills in shooting, I began really focusing on the people and letting the shots just happen, rather than trying to stage and press each and every shot. Instead of referring to a palette of colors or a repertoire of canned shots, I relax and laugh with the people I'm privileged enough to work with. 

It's my firm belief that this is the real route to capturing -- As cliché as that word is when dealing in photography -- the real fundamentals of who a person is. Remove the aspect of a performance from it, forget about the matte black machine between you and them, and the honesty comes through in the shot. To me, that's what makes my photography what it is. The root of how, and why, I do what I do.

I look forward to doing it for you. =)
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